Who am I?

posted 2005 January 14

Not quite Spiderman.

Not even “Sheepman,” (as my 3yr old nephew says he wants to be).

I’m a dev (developer).  This isn’t just my profession either — I breathe and dream it.  This means that what is a simple task for normal people — creating a blog — a time hog for me.  (Sure, I test-drove Blogger, and while it’s amazing customizable, I knew I’d get frustrated quickly).  So, a quick (ish) .Text install (“ish” because it’s quirky and the installation docs I saw are just plain wrong!), plus many hours of code-wanking later and here I am …Finally introducing myself.

So besides my web/dev obsession:  I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, happily married and father to two crazy boys (expect photo-evidence of their silliness some day), plus some neurotic cats.  I’ve now been running my own consulting business for over three years, and it has been quite the roller-coaster adventure (it’s awesome but it stinks!  expect some words on that too).  That’s me day-to-day…

I’m also a big music fan.  I like a little bit of most every kind (easier to enumerate the exceptions), and a lot of Rock&Roll and Funk (Cincinnati is the “Home of the Funk”after all).  I’m also an occasional musician, and often a sound engineer (always a good excuse to avoid badly dancing).

I suppose I could say my views expressed here do not reflect that of my employer, but I happen to know he likes Funk too (self-employment’s good for that sorta thing)…

Eh, this’ll do for now.  Nice to be met by you.

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