Camps of Web Professionals

My friend Dave Spiess asked me to clarify the term “web developer”.  I could go on and on about my experiences and opinions, but a picture is more digestible, so I drew one:

-- Camps of Web Professionals --
  Web Designer: typography, color theory, marketing, layout
+ Developer: advanced functionality, systems integration
+ Web Master: Internet


BTW, here’s an quick/easy way to make graphs: (my graph there)

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3 Responses to Camps of Web Professionals

  1. Stuart Stephen says:

    " developer"… that’s quite specific. What about cgi, html, css, javascript, java (jsp/struts/jsf/etc..), php, coldfusion, adobe air/flex/flash, to state just a few technologies that aren’t and can do the same or near enough the same thing.

    Is Windows a required platform for web development too? I don’t think so.

  2. Rob says:

    Well sure there are other variations, Stuart, but I said I was referring to MY experiences.

    We needed a Web Developer (with knowledge). We kept getting applicants who knew only one of those 3 areas (at best), particularly " Developers" who couldn’t write basic valid HTML.

    To me, the important distinction is the real web pros (HTML/JS/CSS) -vs- those who point/click only, without understanding the dynamics of the web.

    A graph like this couldn’t fairly represent all the many server-side platforms, so feel free to make your own as you like it.

    BTW, do you still use Coldfusion? I haven’t heard anything about it in years.

  3. Stuart Stephen says:

    Regarding Coldfusion, not by me, I’ve never used it. I do have a friend who still uses in his company. These tend to be more designer web sites for companies who want a customer facing website that they can easily change. i.e. Coldfusion powers their CMS. They’ve probably invested heavily in their CMS, so are reluctant to change it.

    Regarding the chart and article, it wasn’t clear that it was for a recruitment drive to me. It makes a lot more sense knowing this chart was designed for a specific purpose and was not a general view on the ideals of web development 🙂

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