My fave web / dev news from Mix09

Microsoft has:

  • IE8 final being released at noon today. Hoorah!
    Now if MS would just force-upgrade the IE6 holdouts!
  • SuperPreview for side-by-side (or overlaid!) browser layout testing
    I grabbed SuperPreview the moment it was announced yesterday. Looks great for IE6 & 7, but it didn’t find any of my other installed browsers, or show Safari/Mac like the demo, and I see no way to add those. Hm, maybe they’re still working out kinks…
  • Silverlight 3 beta – big wow for high-performance cross-platform video
    That said, Silverlight is still the “Un-web”.
  • Expression Blend 3 previewSketchflow especially looks awesome for bigger projects
    I’m still not sure I personally can trust a WYSIWYG editor. Frontpage still haunts me.
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