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I’ve been using intraVnews for several years, liking Outlook’s sorting power to manage info, but I’m not at one machine long enough lately to keep current. So I went shopping for an online reader, and found your post and the RSS Reader Survey.

Based on those, I tried (or at least looked at) Bloglines, Rojo, NetNewsWire and Great News. I mostly didn’t like the UIs (too weak or clunky compared to Outlook), and most just didn’t work on my Windows Mobile phone’ Pocket IE.

I ended up using Google Reader instead — sure it’s not as powerful as intraVnews/Outlook (no search folders, no deactivating feeds), but I don’t think I need that power since the “reading flow” is so smooth (aka “UX”, or User Experience in Microsoft’s new lingo). I don’t Need to filter out the “junk” since it’s easy to just ignore it.

Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks, but I’ve been successfully keeping up on 296 feeds pretty easily.

I should mention I was actually looking for an Outlook/online combo.  Apparently Newsgator and Attensa both do this, but Newsgator ain’t free (and I’m a tightwad), and I couldn’t find Attensa’s supposed free service…  I’ve tried the Outlook addins for both in the past, tho, and they’re fine (since it’s Outlook).

Hm, should I post my 296 feed OPML?  ..or I guess Google Reader has a sharing feature — maybe that’s something to try out.

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