I just reset my Sager notebook’s BIOS.

For those in a similar tight place…

Alright, I shouldn’t have experimented with the BIOS settings so flippantly, but all my other current hardware either has an internal “reset” jumper, or it automatically detects problems and resets itself, so I assumed I was safe…

Well imagine my surprise that powering on gave me an utterly blank screen, and no combination of keys would fix it.  Opening the case showed no reset mechanism either.  And Sager’s website showed no support options except an RMA form…

Fortunately I found (elsewhere) an email address for support: .  I emailed and got a response within 24 hours asking for a serial number.  Knowing it was out of warranty (and expecting a “sorry about your luck” response), I gritted my teeth & answered.

Glory be, 12 hours later I received these instructions from Daniel on how to reset the BIOS to factory settings:


If you feel comfortable, Try this, 1st unplug all the power remove the AC Adapter and the Battery. And open the bottom cover(see attachment picture) and unplug the Cmos-Battery’s wire(red&black crop by Green Color) for like 15sec. Then reconnect it back the wire then everything ACA and the Big Battery. See that will help.

*** We don’t hold any responsibility ***

Sager computer
18005 Cortney Ct
City of Industry, CA 91748
Tel# 1-800-741-2219 626 964 4849
Fax# 626-964-2381

Despite Bob-ifying me, it made enough sense that I was booting normally in 5 minutes (and mostly time for the tiny screws).

It’s good info, Sager just needs to share it more easily.  I wrote back to thank Daniel, and suggested they put this kind of info in a public knowledgebase.

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