Code: Custom IIF for VBscript

I add a custom IIF function to every VBscript I make:

' IIF recreated for VBscript
FUNCTION IIF(Expression, Truepart, Falsepart)
	IF Expression THEN 
		IIF = Truepart
		IIF = Falsepart

'used like so:
strFlavor = IIF(strColor="brown", "chocolate", "not chocolate")


Mind you, it evaluates all parameters on the way in, so even though this checks the objTest object when assigning using it, it would still fail (when the objTest object reference is not set):

strFlavor = IIF(IsObject(objTest), objTest.flavor, "vanilla")


It’s no ternary operator, but it’s still indispensible for efficient VBScript coding.

…And finally someone else noticed.

Guess I’m not the only one who was baffled by the new W3C XMLHTTPRequest spec credits.

From Dare Obasanjo:

Interesting. A W3C specification that documents a proprietary Microsoft API which not only does not include a Microsoft employee as a spec author but doesn’t even reference any of the IXMLHttpRequest documentation on MSDN.
I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere. 😉

And then finally from Anne van Kesteren (one of the spec’s authors):

Hereby my apologies to everyone who had to waste his time by writing a rant… The current draft reads: “Special thanks also to the Microsoft employees who first implemented the XMLHttpRequest interface, which was first widely deployed by the Windows Internet Explorer browser.”