XMLHttpRequest finally becoming standard

It’s great that XMLHttpRequest is finally becoming an official standard.  It’s better though, that the “other” browsers didn’t wait for this before implementing it.  Real progress has happened as a result, in particular the recent popularity (& naming) of the AJAX technique, and the somewhat-related “Web 2.0” phenomenon.

The news also makes me smile at the anti-Microsoft folks who have thrown stones at Internet Explorer’s standards support — once again the IE team innovated (*overused word through gritted teeth*) a proprietary extension, and it was such a good thing that the competition swiped the idea, thus making it a de-facto standard.

I’d rather have a good de-facto standard now, than an official one too-late. End result: Developers and Users win (and they already are winning).

Footnote: Anyone else think it’s strange that the standard’s authors list seems to represent every browser except for XMLHttpRequest’s inventor?

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