Ever celebrated one billion anything?

Hard to explain (I’m a geek, nuff said), but I just noticed my One-Billionth birthsecond is coming up soon.  Furthermore, my (almost 3yr old) son’s One-Hundred-Millionth birthsecond will be about a month earlier!

Want to know when you/a loved one reached/will celebrate a major birthsecond?  In that case, I proudly (?) introduce my Birthsecond Calculator (;>) :

  1. Date/Time of birth:
  2. + a birthsecond:
  3. (but you don\’t look a second over ‘ + (iSeconds-10000).toString() + ‘!)‘;
    $(‘PartyDay’).innerHTML = dtResult + strFlatter;
    return false;”>=


Note: This surely won’t work in a feed reader, so come visit for the fun.

(web geek colophon: This works thanks to jsDate, my port of VBScript Date functions to Javascript.)

Update 2007-04-15: My 7yo son wants to know when his 250 millionth birthsecond is, so here’s a customizable version.

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  1. Rob Eberhardt says:
  2. Jerry says:

    If you’re interested, here’s a javascript that calculates your billionth birthsecond (0r any other time interval in seconds). It takes time zone, daylight savings, and leap years into account, and lets you watch your personal seconds odometer tick by in real time. Check it out at:


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