I haven’t changed any hardware in over 6 months,

…yet I got this message when I logged in today:

Windows Product Activation
Since Windows was first activated on this computer, the hardware on the computer has changed significantly. Due to these changes, Windows must be reactivated within 3 days.
Do you want to reactivate Windows now?

Yes No

Very strange. Any ideas?

(Tip: you can capture the text of many Windows dialogs into the clipboard by pressing Control-C while viewing them. The above example came that way. Couldn’t use printscreen while logging in, tho, or I’d’ve shown the dialog too.)

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One Response to I haven’t changed any hardware in over 6 months,

  1. Steve Legge says:

    I got the same message today after I installed a new printer. It would not recognize my network connection and I had to call the number and read off a bunch of numbers to a computer voice after which the voice read off a bunch of numbers which I had to type into the boxes. Weird, never have seen it before.

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