Canvas in IE

This is just awesome:

…Okay, so it’s a slightly ugly picture, why is it awesome? Read about it here:  Basically, Emil Eklund of WebFX extended IE to support Canvas elements, the currently most-buzzed new technology in web browsers.

Awesome-er (to me) is that he accomplished in a couple days with IE‘s DHTML Behaviors, just like my xDOM Suite, or Dean Edwards’ Star-Light do.  Just like them, it uses DHTML Behaviors to basically improve (fix, enhance, or extend) IE‘s rendering engine.  Developers can apply this extension by copying two files and adding a single line of code to pages which use Canvas.

Easy development, 3rd-party browser extensions, easy deployment ….All good examples of why DHTML Behaviors are totally awesome, and great reasons why other browsers should adopt them… 

(via Ajaxian, screenshot borrowed from same.)

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