Two Solutions: Framework 2.0 deployment woes

I recently deployed the 2.0 Framework to my server, and since have been fighting with problems it’s caused. For instance, when I switched one app to use it, it broke all the other v1.1 web apps I was running (including this blog). Fortunately for me, someone else has been having the same problem and found a solution: move the 2.0 apps into their own application pool. Hooray I don’t have to uninstall (which I was close to doing).

Hey Microsoft, how about mentioning this anywhere? …say during the install, on the IIS site’s tab, or in the error?

I have another related woe, though: If I set a 1.1 app to run under the 2.0 Framework (which should work, and imparts better performance and security), I get the Yellow Screen of Death:

Apparently “global” now a reserved keyword under 2.0 (despite its 1.1 compatibility). Fortunately, I found my own easy fix: just rename the class. So line 11 in my global.asax.vb is now Public Class Global2. Of course I made the same change in its global.asax too: <%@ Application src="Global.asax.vb" Inherits="Global2" %>

Happy to find a solution, and I hope mine helps someone.

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