Canvas in IE

This is just awesome:

…Okay, so it’s a slightly ugly picture, why is it awesome? Read about it here:  Basically, Emil Eklund of WebFX extended IE to support Canvas elements, the currently most-buzzed new technology in web browsers.

Awesome-er (to me) is that he accomplished in a couple days with IE‘s DHTML Behaviors, just like my xDOM Suite, or Dean Edwards’ Star-Light do.  Just like them, it uses DHTML Behaviors to basically improve (fix, enhance, or extend) IE‘s rendering engine.  Developers can apply this extension by copying two files and adding a single line of code to pages which use Canvas.

Easy development, 3rd-party browser extensions, easy deployment ….All good examples of why DHTML Behaviors are totally awesome, and great reasons why other browsers should adopt them… 

(via Ajaxian, screenshot borrowed from same.)

Links: old but interesting

I just found this list I sent to some friends, over a year ago now.  Still quite interesting…


The Classic IQ Test – Apparently I’m an “Insightful Linguist …natural fluency of a writer and the visual talents of an artist. …a creative and expressive mind” (there’s flattery for ya).

What Different IQ Scores Mean (down, cached copy here)  – Checking my above IQ here calls me “highly gifted” (aka “sub-genius”?).

What kind of thinker are you? – Says I’m a “Musical Thinker” (like Jimi Hendrix, except sooo white).


Oh, he’s talking about me!

Real coders, real code – scary & sad but true





Two Solutions: Framework 2.0 deployment woes

I recently deployed the 2.0 Framework to my server, and since have been fighting with problems it’s caused. For instance, when I switched one app to use it, it broke all the other v1.1 web apps I was running (including this blog). Fortunately for me, someone else has been having the same problem and found a solution: move the 2.0 apps into their own application pool. Hooray I don’t have to uninstall (which I was close to doing).

Hey Microsoft, how about mentioning this anywhere? …say during the install, on the IIS site’s tab, or in the error?

I have another related woe, though: If I set a 1.1 app to run under the 2.0 Framework (which should work, and imparts better performance and security), I get the Yellow Screen of Death:

Apparently “global” now a reserved keyword under 2.0 (despite its 1.1 compatibility). Fortunately, I found my own easy fix: just rename the class. So line 11 in my global.asax.vb is now Public Class Global2. Of course I made the same change in its global.asax too: <%@ Application src="Global.asax.vb" Inherits="Global2" %>

Happy to find a solution, and I hope mine helps someone.