Coding/Debugging Music?

This is totally bizarre, but for well over a year now, I’ve found myself with a certain song in my head when I’m really troubleshooting code.  I only get that song in my head when I’m working hard, and I always realize it after the fact.

Even more intriguing is Which song:   “Axel F” by Howard Faltermeyer

Yes, as in Eddie-Murphy-the-wisecracking-80s-cop movie.

No, I’m no big fan of his (Howard’s or Eddie’s), nor of that song (except as it defined part of the 80s, me being a music buff thereof).  So could there some quality to that song which is uniquely similar to the coding process as they both involve to the brain?  In other words, do they tickle the same gray stuff?

Dunno, but I’d love to know if this happens to anyone else.



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