Stupid Outlook Peeves

That’s the actual title of a scribble note I made a long time ago. 

See, while I mostly love Outlook 2003, and it’s greatly improved since v2000, it still has a bunch of annoyances and artificial limitations that really get my goat.  To finish dumping the note:

  • Only 1 Exchange account setup is allowed per Windows (!) profile
  • POP accounts can only go to default delivery location’s inbox (unlike IMAP or Exchange accounts)
  • “After Sending” rules are missing several action options (which “When Arriving” rules do have).  In particular:
    • No “Move To Folder” option (Copy only)
    • No “Mark as Read” option
  • Tasks & Appointments which are outside the default delivery location are ignored (no reminders)
  • Can’t copy items from one PST to another (Move Items or Copy Folders only)
  • Folder views spontaneously and regularly get messed up
  • Subfolders can’t inherit parent folder’s view (an automatic option would be ideal, but manual would still be nice).

I noticed most of these while trying to maintain multiple accounts in Outlook, and keep their contents separate.  I used to use Outlook profiles, but switching is way too slow for that to be convenient.

Googling just now, I found a couple similar ruminations on the same subject: Limitations of Outlook (without Exchange) at, and
Outlook Limitations at

More as it bugs me.

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