spider bait: fEnableSalem

That’s a Windows registry key, found under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server (at least on XP and 2003 Server).

There are Terminal Server registry reference docs out there, but no explanation what that one does.  Hello world, any ideas?

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One Response to spider bait: fEnableSalem

  1. Capt. Queeg says:

    I do not know specifically what that particular key does but if you toggle "Allow Remote Assistance Invidations to be sent…", it flips "fAllowToGetHelp" and "fEnableSalem". to On or Off corresponding with the check box setting.
    <br>If I had my guess, flipping &quot;fAllowToGetHelp&quot; controls the options for sending new invitations while &quot;fEnableSalem&quot; allows or dissallows access on invitations that have been sent in the past. DISCLAIMER: That is PURE speculations as I don’t have time to test it tonight….

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