MSN Spaces tweaky thingy

Apparently MSN Spaces is now much more customizable, thanks to their new “Tweak UI PowerToy”.

Hey wait, though, Doesn’t Microsoft already already have a “Tweak UI Powertoy”?!  Ah, so they do!  (An indispensible Windows customization program, BTW).

Well, that’s ok, because MSN says to load it by typing “&powertoy=tweakomatic” on the end of the URL.  So perhaps we can just call it “Tweakomatic”…

Whoops, Microsoft already has a program called “Tweakomatic” too!  It writes scripts to programmatically accomplish what Tweak UI does.

…I can understand if the Spaces team really wants to be like the Scripting Guys (heck, I do!), but the name confusion has got to go!

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