Speaking of Vacations, during my 400-mile drive I noticed several semis/trailer-trucks with this bumper sticker:

It’s not a Choice.
It’s a Child.

I wondered why I’ve never seen anything like the opposite sticker, which of course would be

It’s not a Child.
It’s a Choice.

Then I realized, that’s the basic difference: Pro-Choice folks prefer to avoid addressing the larger issue of What it is (a life).  The two sides aren’t having the same conversation. 

I’ve heard it said that we have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, in that order.  This means my right to Pursue Happiness stops at the point when it would interfere with someone else’s right to Liberty, which in turn stops at the point when it would interfere with someone’s right to continue Living.

So it’s an easy call to me: prove it’s absolutely not a human life, and Sure, do what you want.  But if there’s even a slight chance that it is a human life (and Biology 101 makes me think so) …do I want to risk taking it?

Hm, maybe there’s a bumper sticker idea:

Take a Chance.
Take a Life.

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  1. dave says:

    I find this post extremely insightful. Most Pro-Abortion-Death(choice) people cite the need to keep "mothers" or women’s choice open b/c it would lead people back into back-alleys. They cite the need for women’s choice and privacy. They never account for the child and usually say the child isn’t a child at all, only a fetus (fetus: latin for child, showing their lack of intellect). Its not the same conversation at all and the "conversation" is similar to a parent talking to a child. When a parent talks to his/her child they usually look at things immaturely and usually selfishly, while the parent looks at things with insight and experience.
    <br>The pro-choicer wants to save life, the pro-abortioner wants to save themselves trouble.
    <br>I always find this arguement funny: We need to leave exceptions for rape victims… I find this strange for two reasons:
    <br>1. I am the adopted son of a rape victim. My biological mother gave me up after the rape to Catholic Social Services.
    <br>2. How would killing an innocent person fix the rape. Prosecute the rapist, make him pay for everything, put the child up for adotion. The waiting list is 8 years long now for healthy kids.
    <br>It is a child, not a choice. To end the whole debate, simply make a law, if the fetus is viable via any means (machine or birth) they can’t be aborted. Science, usually not a friend of the religious right, can aid in this by developing technologies allowings fetus to live outside the womb earlier. Every day you hear of a child being born 3,4,5 months into the pregnancy.
    <br>But what do I know.

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