Comments closed?

This sucks, but the gambling comment spam has hit a critical limit, and I’ve wasted a stupid amount of time trying to solve it (without luck). 

So I’ve closed commentsAnd now reopened, with my own clever nofollow solution.

To enumerate my frustrations:

* The code for both .Text and Community Server’s code is way too complicated.  Why is an open-source app — which is supposed to encourage hacking from other devs — full of such highly-abstracted code??  A main reason I settled on CS/.Text was because I know fairly well (and ASP extremely well).  Unfortunately, the extreme complexity/abstraction and lack of decent docs pretty much cancels that out.  I’ve seen PHP apps which were easier to figure out (and I barely know PHP).

….If I’m going to waste this much time on fixing one little thing (comment spam), it’s so tempting to just write my own.  I specifically tried to avoid that, though, because I have so many other technical time-drains.


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  1. Mike Butler says:

    Hense the reason why I still have no blog and at Snohio I just wrote my own "News" code. Why can’t packages be simple, easy to use and some what secure. Anyway, if you ever get this figured out (and rewritten) let me know and I’ll start using it. 🙂

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