My first 10 random songs

Hm.. mixed feelings about participating in a meme, and moreso since the last few posts have been borderline shirking.

(But wait, how can I shirk?  Did I made an regular-original-content-creation-committment?!)

Anyway, it’s a fun one via Ed Bott: load your entire music collection, randomize, and list the first 10 songs, uncensored. 

Here’s what I got:

Porcupine Tree – Every Home Is Wired
Spin Doctors – Someday All This Will Be Road
Blind Guardian & Iced Earth – The Whistler
Flower Kings – Rumble Fish Twist
Earth Wind and Fire – Shining Star
The Fixx – Red Skies
Andy Grube – I Surrender
Audio Adrenaline – I’m Not The King
King’s X – Mississippi Moon
Galactic Cowboys – Kaptain Krude

(Wow, rand()/fate was kind — nary a Raffie or bubblegum pop song in the lot!)

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