SBS 2003

Yeehaw. Having fun with my first migration to Small Business Server 2003. I’ve used and experimented with it a bit, but not actually done a migration.

It wasn’t until today that I noticed something about it (and this probably applies to Windows 2003 in general). There are a lot of annoying old GUI defaults that they’ve fixed. Off the top of my head: Windows Explorer’s “Hide extensions for known file types” is now off by default, and the default item view is now “Details” instead of “Icons”. (“Simple folder view” IS still on, but hey, every little bit helps.)

SBS’s Internet Explorer could still use some default GUI improvements. I’m particularly annoyed by the huge-by-default “Media” toolbar button. This should always go away, and “Font Size” and “Full Screen” should take its place. (Interestingly, the Media button disappeared from IE with XPSP2. Hopefully the same will happen w/SP1 for SBS2003).

Something strange is going on. Twice now I’ve rebooted only to have video disappear. I even switched monitors. It seemed like jiggling the vid card fixed it, but it hasn’t worked this second time.

Grr. I’ll save it for tomorrow…

Well, I opened the case (a joyously easy Dell case) and found the video card loose.  Reseating it fixed the video.  But it’s happened again now, and reseating isn’t working.  In fact, I think it isn’t booting.  This is very bad!

Update 2:
It was bad memory.  I basically amputated one component at a time, and it started booting again when I got to the RAM (last thing of course).  One DIMM good, the other bad — just like that.   Dell’s making it all good tho: two replacements by Friday 9am.  Support contracts are a nice thing…

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