Dev tip: CSS-only workaround for IE SELECT Z-index bug

Via Dean Edwards’ Links, meet
HedgerWow’s <SELECT>-Free Layer, a CSS-only workaround for Internet Explorer’s SELECT bug with z-index.

It’s not quite clear from the demo, but I think the magic is an absolutely-positioned + transparent + huge IFRAME inside the layer to show.  C’est trés hacky, but it still seems better (in a way) than the usual dynamic hide/show javascript approach.

Here’s hoping that Microsoft will quickly windows-update us all with IE7 (which fixes this bug, hoorah), and free us of these sHACKles.

12-car Flash Design Pileup

I went to grab the new IE7 beta, and couldn’t get past this complete Flash mess:
id="flip" align="" height="350" width="450">name="flip" align="" height="350" width="450" scale="showall">

Yuck! …It even says “everything you need, nothing you don’t” — very much unlike this Flashturbation.

I’d guess the Flash designer hasn’t seen Microsoft’s (great) parody of its own bad design habits, The Microsoft Ipod: