So what’s this blog currently made of?

  • .Text 0.95, extremely customized
  • Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6, & MSSQL 2000
  • Dell Optiplex 733Mhz, 384MB RAM, ~10GB mirrored drives, and a crappy Belkin UPS
  • ~3mBps / 1mBps residential ADSL
  • much love, frustration, and self-nitpicking

Nothing so fancy as a kitchen appliance, but I’m impressed anyway.

Figured I’d better justify the “meta-throbs” post category.  Hey wait a sec, was that meta-meta??

2005-10-01 – IPBOOTB errors


My SBS 2003 box was getting this error several times a day:
“IPBOOTP was unable to receive an incoming message on the local interface with IP address x.x.x.x . The data is the error code.”


Most applicable suggestions I found said to either disable the DHCP Relay Agent service, or install a Win2000 hotfix.  No luck for me, though, since the service wasn’t installed, and I’m on SBS 2003.


Microsoft.Public Usenet – IPBOOTP ERROR PLEASE HELP.  Hurrah, disabling DHCP Relay on the LAN interface in RRAS manager.