SBS 2003 CAL suckiness

I have a new client who recently guessed their way through a SBS 2003 setup.  THEN they called us to fix it.  This has been quite the cleanup.  I gotta get me a Haz-mat suit.  Imagine and enjoy at my expense, some highlights:

  • Exchange mailboxes not configured for the POP3 Connector (so email was removed from the ISP’s mailbox, and dropped into Oblivion).
  • No backups, no (or patchy) virus/spyware protection (and plenty of spyware).
  • Moving from a XP Pro “server”, which fell apart when we tried to join it to the domain (due to loads of spyware).
  • XP Home machines trying to use the new server.
  • No extra CALs for the 12 user accounts.  Yes, that’s 12 users competing for the 5 licenses that come with SBS.  “Denied!”

And now (drumroll please)…

  • Amid extensive VPN, OWA, and OMA use, a vendor who supplied us with Device CALs instead of User CALs (and didn’t mention it until we’d already activated them!)
  • Crap.

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    One Response to SBS 2003 CAL suckiness

    1. Rob says:

      Well, good news at least: the vendor made it right. We even got to keep the extra Device CALs (which should provide a little extra padding).
      <br>No idea how smart SBS is about doling them out, tho. I wonder which it hands out first?
      <br> So if it hands out device CALs first, does it recognize further connections with same user/diff device, and switch over to a user CAL?
      <br> Or VV: if user CALs, does it see other connections with diff user/same device, and switch over to a device CAL?
      <br>Hmm. Hopefully I’ll never need to research that one. As Susan &quot;SBS&quot; Bradley says, they should drop user/device-specific CALs, and offer &quot;Just plain SBS CALs&quot; (<a target="_new" href=""></a&gt;).

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